Deep Learning and AI Introduction Video by Bhairav Mehta

This is a recording of Free!! Deep Learning and AI Event hosted by Erudition Inc. : Attended by 434 people


Blockchain and Data Structures

Recording of my talk at Association of Computing Machinery Bay Area (ACM SF Bay Area)

50th Anniversary event at Pivotal, Palo Alto

Attended by 386 people


Big Data and Intelligent Systems

Recording of my discussion on NBC Bay Area prime time show Future Talk by Martin Wasserman

4023 views on Youtube


Image Recognition Primer ImageNet AlexNet to Mask R CNN, R CNN and Fast R CNN

Open Data Science Conference (ODSC West) 2018 at San Francisco, CA

Attended by 438 people


Keynote Speaker at Hyperight Data Innovation Summit 2019 at Stockholm,Sweden

Unabridged AI/ML from Image/Text Recognition to Distributed AI/ML through container orchestration and federated ML models
: A Silicon Valley perspective

91 views on Youtube